O autoru Natalya

I've got a lot of interests and passions. One of the things is that I like is to explore the internet and no matter what I'm looking for, I always find interesting articles, games, books, pieces of information about everything. I'm a professional typist, really good one and I work full time. Books....are my greatest love. Especially old and rare books. My biggest dream is to have my own library one day. I also like animals, art, DIY crafts, building and decorating games on internet, cooking, music and my country where I'm from and where I live - Croatia.

So happy I could die…..by Your side….

 To You, to my Everything….my hidden Treasure and my

I’m not allowed to love You, because You’re not mine and You’ll never will be…but I do love You and from the moment I saw You, I knew…that’s it…in my heart I knew You’re special, the Chosen One…Male I could do anything for Him, Male to Die for, to kill for, to do anything to make You happy and satisfied…Your eyes are like shining stars on clear sky, and Your smile, Your touch….makes me feel I could die….to be with You and be by Your side is all I want….just to be close to You…

I’ll always keep my love in my heart….no matter what… 

You know how much I love You…

I feel lost without You…

I need You because You make me happy, satisfied and loved….

I’ll never have anybody so special anymore….

You’re the man of my life, my love, my everything….

Is there any stronger word to describe my love for You?


My favourites, Alice Cooper and Lady Gaga see the link….from Alice Cooper official site….enjoy yourselves….

Alice, I’m one of your fans and glad to see you on the picture with Lady Gaga! You two would be interesting couple on stage!